The Twilight Zone

Look at the web address of this site, a scary mirror of my blog? What is going on? Dan, sitting next to me in the library as I blog this, utilised his crap typing skills to come up with that one. Thanks mate.

Brit spies out in the cold

MI6 spies exposed by Balkan rivals, Croatia and Serbia.

Not even so much rivals, but disgruntled members of the intelligence agencies they were supposed to be working with, outed them to local media.

In the case of Mr Monckton, his photograph was published on the cover of Serbian magazine Nedelnji Telegraf, with a copy of his business card.

The week after that, Nacional magazine in Zagreb published a story…including a cover that featured a mock-up of Mr Sanader…in a tuxedo posing as James Bond.

In Sarajevo, the exposure of British intelligence officers was carried out using the pages of Slobodna Bosna magazine

That’s pretty low.


Sinead O’Connor has taken out a full page, 2,000-word advertisement in the Irish Examiner newspaper, complaining about how she’s ridiculed by the media. I’d really like to know if she actually wrote “ye”, as the Vancouver Sun says – “If ye all think I am such a crazy person why do ye use me to sell your papers?” Ye?

Irish Examiner here I come.

Update: She must have used that language, although yet to find the actual ad. The Guardian says she was sick of being called a “crazy bitch”, but then quotes her saying, “Untie me please and wash me down I ask ye.” Again with the ye. This was perhaps not the best way to convince people you’re not losing it.

Update 2: Alright, found the full text of her ad, and yes, she really said ‘ye’. Ye.

So much to say

There’s just too much stuff going on. Here’s a few tidbits I found interesting. I interviewed a friend who’s standing for the Family First Party (FF), a relatively new political group looking to get some senate seats and influence in the October 9 election. The media says FF are backed by the AOG (pentecostal) church, FF are trying to distance themselves from that, the Greens are calling them extreme right wing… and now they’ve gone and given their preferences to the Liberals. A not very level-headed assessment of the party’s motives can be read at the Daily Flute, but there’s an anonymous comment to one post that seems incredibly well-informed, and if true does make me start to question how much influence the AOG does have over the party.

Family First is standing 23 candidates for lower house seats in NSW. Eleven of those candidates come from one Church alone.

Of these eleven lower house candidates, only one lives in the electorate he is standing for

So the fair question is, what are their motivations to stand for an electorate they have no connection to? I’m not so keen on voting for the AOG…sorry AOG’ers.

On to other news.
Greg Sheridan writes in The Weekend Australian today about Iran being next on the hit-list.

Iran is at the centre of a vortex of evil and dangerous linkages that spell strategic crisis for Washington.

I suspect they’d like some sort of effective deterrant against would be invaders. I’m not defending their possible pursuit of nuclear weaponry, but to call them the ‘centre of a vortex of evil’ is a bit much. He also says strikes against suspected nuclear development sites are being considered, both by Israel and the US.

The better option [Ed. as opposed to strikes] is for the UN to act decisively, with comprehensive sanctions if necessary.

Alright, well I think we can all agree sanctions – while being more destructive to Iraqi civlians than Saddam – and UN weapons inspectors did, indeed, help in some way end Iraq’s capacity to produce WMDs, it didn’t stop the US invading them did it? And the likelihood of the UN acting decisively and comprehensively, let alone swiftly, is duly recognised as nil.
Iran also calls Israel the “single greatest threat to regional and global peace and security”. Not surprising after Israel just bought 5,000 smart bombs from the US. Iran says they will react “most severely” if Israel attacks Iran in any way. Not unforeseeable, given Israel’s bombing of a nuclear facility in Iraq in 1981.
Related, Syria began pulling troops out of Lebanon on Thursday. They have 17,000 there, and have said 3,000 will leave by the time the move is completed, but “Lebanon’s defense minister has said that Syria will pull out all its troops only when the Arab-Israeli conflict ends”. Ohhhhh, you mean after Armageddon? Grand.

Speaking of Grand. It’s Grand Final day today in the AFL (Australian Rules Football). The mighty Brisbane Lions are going for their fourth straight premiership and are about to kick off. C’arn the Lions!! See you all.

[Update: The not-so-mighty Brisbane Lions played a terrible game. Mal Michael probably had the best game of them all, and said it well: “A lot of our players showed a lack of respect for their players and those players cut us to ribbons.” Coach Leigh Matthews said, “it may be the last time you see the team in a grand final in your lifetime.” Definitely, if that’s how they continue to play. Amateurish.]