To vote or not to vote

Australian readers may say, “But it’s compulsory to vote”. Yes, but I’m not talking about the Australian federal election which I wholeheartedly look forward to voting in. I’m talking about the election of the next president of the United States.

It may be the US Democrats urging expats to vote, but what if I wanted to vote Republican? I don’t, but what if I did? On visiting their site, the Democrats Abroad Australia group asks me (not require, just ask) to fill out a membership form. Hell no! You ain’t co-opting me into your database! I don’t need any stinkin’ democrat knocking on my door the next time I vote republican! I will, however, directly visit to fill out the form…

Argh, it’s run by the Democratic National Committee too! Oh well, they’re going to love me – Iowa’s a key state in the Electoral College isn’t it? Yay, I know not much about US politics, but will participate in my first American election. Unless of course George W. manages to invalidate absentee votes, the military, African Americans and all of Florida… then, well, I tried.


Google/Blogger is promoting their Adsense program for blogs. Basically content-based advertising…

Because I have thousands of visitors to this site every day – thousands I tell you! – I’m thinking of selling out. Oh yes, it’s the high life for me from now on. Goodbye university. Goodbye career. Goodbye food stamps. Hello no work, lazing around and weekend jaunts to the Ba-HA-mas! Wait, that’s already my life. Except the Bahamas of course, I can only get there on long weekends at the moment…

News story written in 90 minutes and handed in this morning was not even worth mentioning really. But I just did. Now to find a real story.

I’m posting from the library at university. I have my Ethics case study outline due in 15 minutes. Yeah it’s not happening. I’m looking for three stories from Iraq to analyse. Are there still embed journos in Iraq, or are they all independent of the US Army now that the war is ‘over’ (I laugh)? What I’m looking for is reporting on the same event by an embed, independent, and Al-Jazeera journalist. Then analyse the ethics of each. Hm, maybe I’ll just go with an American, Australian and Al-Jazeera journalist.

Next time I blog, there may be advertising content seen on this site. Then again, that might involve more effort than I feel comfortable expending. hoo-roo