My faithful regulars (yes, both of you) will have noticed a complete change in the layout… I was in the process of developing it when the last one got deleted or saved over, so had to rush in the ‘under construction’ one

It will continue to change gradually as I have time, or make time where there isn’t available time, as the case will most likely be.

Got an email from an old friend today… good to hear from you mate. Welcome to my waste of time that is this blog if you come across it.

Indeed. Her travel posts soon to be published separately on another blog – watch this space!

This blog will make comments on international news and current affairs, with links to news of interest to at least myself, if not any readers who may or may not stumble upon the site.

The blog will, at times when travel is undertaken, include travel related postings, to which Suzanne may at times have input.

anyone reading this far back, the International, then the NEWS blog, is what this is referring to. It doesn’t exist anymore, and has all been reposted here.

Continuing with the $50 parking ticket theme. Somebody stated this sort of thing tends to put a hole in your budget. Well yes, but a hole in the empty hole that is my budget makes a black hole…its accretion disc gradually sucking in everything around it…

In other news, a persistent bug is back.

the bug in question, about 2mm in length

He (or she) was on my arm about 5 hours ago…i flicked him (or her) off … obviously he (or she) took an unintended flight across my room somewhere….i just found him (or her) again on my shoulder…

A good friend suggested I “sex it”….ummm, no. No I didn’t do biology. That just sounded wrong.

my apologies…trying not to be angry at the world, but not succeeding particularly well at this point.