April 19, 2004 by  
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30 minutes of sleep in the last 40 hours is good. I was falling asleep watching Premier League highlights, but now I’m wide awake again…I guess you wouldn’t call it wide awake…I’m not falling asleep as I type, read or talk to people, so it’s closer to wide awake than the majority of the day.

I crave coffee…I have never crafed coffee before, nor have I craved it.

Soon to follow, post on the adventures of starting two assignments at 3am that were due today. Started late after happily procrastinating by reading Dan Tobin. Okay, I was pissed off at myself for procrastinating, but I was laughing, so I managed to push that conscience out longer than I should have.

The assignments did get in on time…thanks to powers beyond me that managed to keep me semi-lucid, long enough to put together something that might even be acceptable.

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